Monday, August 30, 2010

New Paper Storage

This is my new paper storage. I am a scrapbook paper junkie and over the years I've collected a lot of paper. I did have a pretty good system for paper storage before but it was hard to get at the paper plus I kinda out grew it and started to stash my new paper in unseen corners of my craftroom. Well this lovely invention has solved my problem (other than the fact I need to stop buying) After four days of digging out all the 12x12 paper from every where I finally got it all on this stand. It is called the Simply Renee Clip-It-Up Floor Model. I absolutely love it! Mine is currently holding over 5000 papers on it and there is still room for more!
The bottom tier is my color family paper (sorted by color), the middle tier is themes and paper lines (vintage, Basic Grey, Christmas, My Mind's Eye and glitter paper) the top tier I was hoping could be my embellishments (stickers and stuff) but I just have too much paper so on it is my specialty paper. Each tier swivels so it doesn't matter that it in a corner you can always turn it to see what you have. (so how's that for free advertising)
one of the biggest bonus' is that now my electronic die cut machine can stay out for easy access.