Monday, May 21, 2012

My New (old) Garden Feature

I'm enjoying these beautiful spring days (even though the wind is unforgiving). This spring I haven't been too motivated to get into gardening. I will plant some "eat for enjoyment" veggies. I won't grow any for long term storage. I find in the fall I just can't get myself to do all that work anymore even though I used to do it with a lot of excitement and enjoyment , I loved seeing jars lined up on the counter waiting for lids to seal.

I do have an area I'm happy to make a little more beautiful though. It started with winter projects inside. We decided we wanted more room in the living room to be able to move the furniture around better. I have had this piano since about 1994. I bought it used from someone who was making room in their home. 3 years ago I had  it tuned and asked the tuner what he though it was worth because I was thinking of reselling it. He basically told me I'd be lucky if I could get $300 for it. Extremely disheartened I decided to put a poster up to see if anyone wanted it. No one offered. I tried to give it away, again no one was interested.

Sooo I saw something on Pinterest that gave me an idea where I could still enjoy my beloved piano but not as a musical instrument but a piece of landscape. This year I will only have the potted plants beside it but in the future I will build a nice landscaped garden around it. The thing that kind of made me sad was how quickly it became weathered although that is the look I wanted.
 People driving by have asked my husband "Is that a piano on your lawn?" Maybe it will start a new trend and instead of old pianos being used for expensive firewood they will become beautiful pieces of landscape.

While I was taking pictures I decided to take a few of our very large poplar tree in our front yard. Although I find beauty in these seed pods I know the torment they will bring me once they blossom into giant fuzz balls that will fill the air with nose tickling seeds, clogging the lawnmower and covering the ground like freshly fallen snow. Then I hope the wind will blast them away almost as soon as they come :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jen Unger Fine Arts on Etsy

I am now open for business on Etsy. I have been wanting to find an outlet for selling my handmade items for a while now and finally took the plunge to make it into an official business. You can click the Etsy tab on the top of the screen to go to my store. I will be selling finished products that I have made including my artwork, cards, mini albums and possibly some quilted items.