Monday, July 13, 2015

So Proud of my Brother!

Three years ago my brother Dannie broke his back at his T12 Vertebrae in a paragliding accident, effectively rendering him Paraplegic. His doctors said he would be in a wheel chair and most likely never walk again.

Dannie was later invited by the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, to participate in a new ground breaking study using electro stimulus to try and re-awaken his nerves. Through this study Dannie, and ever since, he has been getting steadily stronger and has regained much of his movement in his legs. (He also participated in a study with the University of Saskatchewan in a study of balance in paraplegics). However there are still many muscles and nerves not functioning correctly, but Dannie is not giving up!

Today, in this video, he goes above and beyond what anyone has ever expected him to achieve in his road to recovery by taking his mountain bike out for a ride for the first time in three years! Before his injury, Dannie would often ride over 40kms per day, to work and back, as he loved being active in many areas. Needless to say, he was pretty excited to accomplish this tremendous feat!

There is much that Dannie is working to yet achieve in his road to recovery and walking again and if you would like to contribute to helping him in his journey, you may do so by visiting Help Dannie Walk Again

First on his list of things to help him out are new A.F.O.'s, (ankle-foot orthosis braces), in the video it is apparent that his current ones tend to get in the way. He is also in the process of establishing a new career in the new field of drone aerial photography and needs help funding this new endeavor as well. 

Let's all help him out at Help Dannie Walk Again

Video was taken by one of my other brothers, Perry Wolf, check out his YouTube Channel here