Monday, February 2, 2009

I've been working on this quilt for a few months now. I finally finished it. It's the third quilt that I've finished from beginning to end. I have one more blanket that's in the quilting stages right now that I hope to finish very soon, plus I have a quilted bag on the go. I'll post these as soon as I finish them. I think the quilting bug has hit me( not that I need another hobby), I'm really enjoying the final results.


  1. Hey Jena; Good Work you do!Maybe I'll get you to finish the one ,I started 10yrs. ago!

  2. Hey Jen - here I am! Your first offical 'follower' - broken wrist 'n all. :)

    I love your creativity! Keep it flowing!

    I had just been at Michael's minutes before I broke my wrist. My creative juices were starting to flow from my visit there...and then...all in a split second...the rest of my winter got put on hold as my feet went out from under me! :(