Friday, March 20, 2009

Jen Unger Fine Arts

I just wanted to post an apology to those that visit my painting website regularily looking to see
new art, and there hasn't been any for a long while. I probably have too many hobbies on my
plate. I've been focusing on my quilting and scrapbooking lately, mostly because they are easily
accessible, I have a place to keep my stuff out all the time. I don't have a place to keep my
painting supplies out all the time so when I look to see what needs to be cleared away first before
I can paint I usually walk away thinking that it will take too much time to set up. Hopefully soon
I will be able to dig out my paints and just go on a painting rampage and produce quite a few for
you. It's definitely not that I don't have ideas running through my head I actually have wanted
to paint for a while.

For those of you looking for scrapbooking and cardmaking here's another ATC:

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