Tuesday, July 26, 2011

more home renos

While my husband is finishing our basement bathroom I thought I would see what was under the blue paint on my counter top, I was very pleased to find this creamy Arborite underneath. So after 8 hours of stripping and scraping paint, 2 cans of paint stripper, I have a new counter top in a much more neutral color. This will tide me over until we can afford to redo the kitchen altogether :)




  1. Wow, sounds like a lot of work, but oh so worth it. It looks great.
    Where is everything from your counter? I wish mine looked that tidy :)

  2. @ Tracy, ha ha yea, I wished my counter looked like that all the time. But no the picture shows the counter right after I finished. There is usually a stack of dishes, coffee maker, dough machine and toaster in this corner.

  3. That's a great surprise!! Why would anyone paint over that!?