Thursday, May 14, 2015

Getting Ready For a Craft Sale....Displays

One of the most important part of getting noticed at a craft sale is how you display your items and no matter what your budget, you can always make your table look good, even if you can't purchase anything.

Keeping Things Simple

- If display items aren't in your budget and all you have is a table and tablecloth, go OCD. Perfectly lined up items speak volumes. Organize by size, type and color.

- Find things around the house. Decorative bowls and trays can help spruce things up. Use empty picture frames with string running across the opening and use clothes pins to hang jewelry or cards.

-Create your own displays 

There are many other great ideas for making your own displays. Pinterest is a great resource for getting some good ideas. You can follow my craft sale display board here.

DIY Greeting Card Stand

For the sale I have coming up I decided I needed a better display for my cards. Using a hot glue gun, foam core board from the dollar store and some spray paint I set to work. I think the total cost was around $15.

I used a grid ruler, craft knife, hot glue and 3 pieces of foam core board

Measure up 1 1/2" up from one edge of the board and cut through the first layer of paper only. Do Not cut all the way through. From this cut measure up 3 1/2", cut and measure again 3 1/2" from that line. Continue with this measurement along the whole length of the board. Turn the board over and then from the same side you started on the other side, measure 3 1/2" up and cut just the layer of paper on top, Do Not cut all the way through. Measure up again 3 1/2" and cut. Continue for the rest of this side of the board.

Now snap the board along the cut. It should break apart but still hold together from the backing paper. The cut lines act as a scoring tool. Snap all the cut lines on both sides of the board.

It should look like this when you are done, an accordion folded board.

Next you are going to hot glue this folded board to another sheet of foam core board creating steps. It helps to have something that has a 90 degree angle like a wood block or angle ruler to make sure your steps are glued correctly. You can also draw the steps on your board first and line them up as you are gluing.

This is how it should look after gluing one side of your steps to the foam core board.
now do the same on the other side.

Trim off the excess board at an angle as shown in the picture above.

Cut as many 3/4" strips of foam core board as you have steps. Include the bottom step as well. I had 8 steps so I cut 8 strips. Make sure they are the length of your steps.

Hot glue the strips to the front of each step.

Your card stand should look similar to the one shown. Trim any uneven edges with a craft knife.

Paint your desired color. I used spray paint that is good for paper products.

Here is the finished stand.

If you want to upscale your display you can purchase display racks from companies that specialize in this very thing. Here are some listed below,

Armstrong Products

Kungs Trading

Displays 2 Go

Store Supply

Keep in mind the size of your booth and the size of your vehicle when choosing display items. The sale I will be going to has an eight foot table with a little room on the sides. My vehicle however has 4' x 5' of space to haul stuff in so nothing longer than that for my displays unless it's made to fold.

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