Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Using My Stuff 2017 Challenge

2016 was a reflection of how many supplies I have collected over the years and how many projects I actually finish using my supplies. The amount of supplies I have accumulated far outweighs the finished project amounts. This year I am going to try and turn that around and I'm taking you with me.

It's fun to buy the latest and greatest and then I take it to my crafting area and remember all the other "projects" I have waiting for me to get to. Guilt floods my mind. The joy of what I just bought kind of diminishes and I stuff my newly purchased items in a corner until I finish the projects I have already started, or so I tell myself.

Years later I have a room full of stuff, long forgetting what I had intended to use it for.  I need to stop this cycle of buying and not using, so this year I decided to challenge myself to use my stuff. I still love a lot of it and want to use it. I just can't part with it yet. So the option is if I can't part with it I must use it!  

I will be challenging myself to finish quilting, scrapbooking and art projects with my stash so if you do any of these things or any other crafty things you are welcome to join me. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and here on my blog as I will be posting on all platforms my progress, struggles (I'm sure there will be plenty) and finished projects. If you want to show me what you are working on tag me by using #jensuseyourstuffchallenge or @jenungerfinearts, Jen Unger Fine Arts on Facebook.

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