Thursday, July 9, 2020

Konnichiwa Paper Bag Album and a Challenge for July

Hi there!
How are you all doing? last week was a bit of an eye opener for me, well sort of. I knew my paper crafting stuff was out of control but it was confirmed when a shelf fell in my craft room. Thankfully my kids and I had just left the room because the crash that followed made us all jump out of our skin!

That empty yellow space was where the shelf was.

My sewing space is such a mess, yikes!

So now begins the task of dealing with the stuff. As I was going through the things that fell I came across many unfinished projects which led me to my July challenge....FINISH THEM!

In this video I walk you through a paper bag album I just finished and what my plans are for the projects for the rest of this month. Enjoy and feel free to join me if this sounds familiar, haha.

Another thing that I need to deal with is my embellishments that I was going to reorganize and now that the shelf they were on is gone, it's time. They are currently sitting on my workspace which is convenient but not ideal.

Here are some more pictures of the chaos that has been somewhat sorted.

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