Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So those of you who know me and have seen one of my earlier posts will know that I've been giving my craftroom a makeover in the last half a year or so (no, I'm still not done). I didn't realise what a process it was going to be. Most of my storage units are in place, I only have a few left to purchase or build. So the trouble I'm having is to find a system of getting my stuff in the right places to be able to use it in the most efficient manner. Some of my stuff is good and in the right place but some stuff is quite scattered throughout the room. Today I found a blog that actually goes through the process of getting your scrapbook and cardmaking stuff organized. She covers everything from paper, chipboard, alphbet stickers to dies for your die cutting machine, photos and negatives,  even all the scraps left over from your projects. So I thought I would share the link to her blog so if any of you are thinking of organizing your spaces you could check it out.

Here's the link
My Love Affair With The Label Maker

Its a 29 week challenge and starts on the bottom of the page.

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