Friday, April 15, 2022

60 Projects in 2022- Project 4 - Rosette 9 - Millefiori Quilt-Along

This is the fourth project in my challenge to get 60 unfinished projects done in 2022. It's already April and it seems like I'm not making much progress at all. Even if I don't reach the 60 projects, it's okay as long as I keep my focus on the project at hand because those are actually getting done! This makes me excited because I'm finding my passion to do them again and the gratification that comes with a completed project is definitely worth it.

This is Rosette 9 from the Millefiori Quilt Along. It's feels a little odd not to go in the proper order of the directions but with this quilt it works. It does take a little planning because I'm using fat quarters for this quilt, and I don't want to use up the fabric that needs to be fussy cut on smaller blocks only to run short for the bigger blocks. 

You can find the details here on my progress with this quilt. 

I chose soft colors from the line for this block. Slowly I'm starting to see how this quilt will look when it's finished and I'm really liking it. 

After completing this project I'm always excited to pick another from the jar. The next project will get me back to some paper crafting. Not that I don't do a lot of paper crafting as it is, but the first four projects have all been quilting and this will be a nice change. Stay tuned to see the finished project. 

Until next time... 

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