Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thwarted Plans

The last three days have been utterly frustrating for me as I had this whole outline of keeping up with my blog, being creative and getting projects done. I felt as if I had gotten off to a great start. As Friday morning dawned, I did not. I had been totally clobbered by the flu bug, leaving me totally helpless to even try to get out of bed, hence no Friday scrapbooking post. So I gave in to the knowledge that nothing would get done on this day. Usually the next day after being sick I feel weak but not helpless but again the nasty bug wins making me bed ridden all of Saturday. Okay so I'm sure the next day will be better, I'll be able to at least get out of bed but no somewhere in the night a giant elephant came to sit on my chest and used a jackhammer on my head. Today I was determined to get out of bed and try to function normally but yet again the bug wins. This time making me feel like I'm going to faint every five minutes. So back to bed I go. At least my brain hasn't been taken hostage and I can at least have a clear  head (sort of).  I am determined to post what I had planned today regardless of how I feel anyway.

Even though most Mondays are my "get things back on track after the weekend day", today I haven't succeeded in getting too much back in order. And now before I get into how I organize stuff I wanted to share about my craft room. I've had several posts on reorganizing it in the past and since I made it into a temporary guest room recently and had to clean almost everything out of it, I decided that now was the time to give it a new look, fresh paint and some much needed character. I finally after years of indecision decided on a color, along with a few accent colors.

So today I just want to show what the room was like before in the many stages it has been in, starting  with the first space dilemma I had.

When I first realized I had a problem with the way I organized my room this is what the space looked like. I had a lot of  stuff but no room to actually work on any projects. My kids were younger and wanted to be where I was as well so I needed a place for them to create. My only solution at this time was to bring in a professional organizer. I was quite disappointed with what she came up with but there were a few ideas she had that I liked. The cost of hiring her was too much for me to not get  key  elements to the room. Things like my kids couldn't share the room, my beautiful  hutch computer desk had to go and I couldn't have my sewing machine out all the time. She did however give me some ideas that helped me get past the overwhelming amount of stuff and start visualizing a room to suit my needs. I joined the organizing challenge at Two Peas And A Bucket and went over and over the Scraprack organizing system.

This is how I transformed the room into a workable space. Not only did I find room for my kids but everything is accessible.

In all of these pictures including the final ones that I will show you when I'm done painting the room, my computer desk has stayed in the same spot throughout.

This was a new paper storage that took the place of the large binder system I had previously.

Looking back at these pictures I'm surprised at how many changes the room has gone through over the past 3-4 years. hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can show you the final newly painted space and although many things will be the same there will be a few changes. 

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  1. I came to your blog through Crafty Storage,
    and boy I am very impressed! Maybe you should become an organizer specializing in rooms for people that do more than one craft!
    Very nicely done...